Significant Events

Influenza Epidemic of 1918  by Jean Luddy VHS (12/2018)

Rockville and Vernon suffered from this world wide epidemic that appeared in the fall of 1918.

"The Last Full Measure of Devotion": Vernon’s Sacrifices in the Civil War by Jean Luddy  (VHS 5/2005)

Brief regimental history of the 14th Connecticut Regiment from Rockville/Vernon with significant battles and statistics.

Tragedy in Vernon by Jean Luddy  (VHS 9/2006)

A double murder in rural Vernon shocked local residents. Reporters from the local paper covered the event, the subsequent trial and the execution of the murderer.

Remembering Past Anniversaries by Jean Luddy (VHS  10/2008)

Vernon and Rockville celebrated earlier founding anniversaries with town wide celebrations.

John Brown and George Kellogg by Jean Luddy  (VHS 5/2009)

John Brown is well known for his work as an abolitionist, but for part of his life he was employed by local mill owner as a wool buyer. Some of Brown's letters to Kellogg survived in the Society's archives.

Putting People back to work: Government Funded Projects during the Great Depression by Jean Luddy (9/2009)

Several Works Progress Administration projects, built during the Depression with government and local funds, are still enjoyed by citizens today.

Victory at Last: Celebrating the End of World War II by Jean Luddy VHS (9/2010)

When the end of the War was announced in August of 1945, Rockville celebrated with noise and enthusiasm. A parade in October of 1946 included and honored returning service men and women.

William Horowitz and Vernon's First Public Pool by Jean Luddy  (VHS 9/2011)

Local businessman William Horowitz's bequest to the City of Rockville for a swimming pool led to the installation in 1953 of the pool in Henry Park.

Brought together by a Quilt: a Civil War Romance by Jean Luddy  (VHS 3/2012)

When Lissie Corbin joined other women from Vernon Center to make quilts to send to Union soldiers, she had no idea it would change her life.

When Baseball Greats Played for Rockville by Jean Luddy   (VHS 9/2012)

In the early 20th century, several major league players played for local mill teams in between regular season games.

Remembering the Bicentennial Quilt Made by Vernon Quilters by Jean Luddy  (VHS 1/2013)

To commemorate the nation's Bicentennial in 1976, the Vernon Adult Education quilting class designed and created a quilt with scenes of local and historical landmarks.

A Journey of Remembrance: Rockville's Gold Star Mothers by Jean Luddy (VHS 11/2015)

In 1930 several Rockville Gold Star Mothers joined others in a government sponsored trip to France to see their sons’ final resting places in military cemeteries.