Intriguing People

Rockville's Charles Ethan Porter:“African-American Master of Still Life” by Jean Luddy

As an African-American, Porter faced challenges as he followed his passion as an artist to create an impressive body of work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Albert Dart and his Remarkable Water Wheel by Jean Luddy (VHS 3/2017)

In the late 1860s, Albert Dart built three mills over the falls in Rockville that were powered by an innovative water wheel of his design.

Remembering Miss Flynn by Jean Luddy (VHS 3/2017)

Elementary school teacher Ethel Flynn's school scrapbook, donated 50 years after her death, contained photographs of all of her students from her 27 year career at Maple Street School. Research into Miss Flynn's life revealed a well respected teacher who was dedicated to her students.

A Historian Looks Back by Jean Luddy VHS 12/2016)

Municipal Historian and former Museum Director Dr. S. Ardis Abbott reflects on the accomplishments of the Society over her years of service.

Traces of Vernon's earliest inhabitants by Jean Luddy (VHS 2/2016)

 A collection of arrowheads at the Museum provides clues about the lives of local Native American tribes.

A Journey of Remembrance: Rockville's Gold Star Mothers by Jean Luddy (VHS 11/2015)

In 1930 several Gold Star Mothers from Rockville joined others in a government sponsored trip to France to see their sons’ final resting places in military cemeteries.

Rockville's Independent Women by Jean Luddy  (VHS 11/2013)

Three women from Rockville, living between the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, established themselves in notable careers: Alline Marcy- attorney, Marietta Fitch- music teacher and Hazel Lutz- art teacher and founder of the Lutz Junior Museum.

History of the Gunther Barn and Property by Harriet Gunther  (VHS 7/2013)

Harriet Gunther discussed life on the Gunther farm along Route 30 in the early 20th century and described several barns that have stood on the property.

The Agent's house at 7 Orchard Street in Rockville by Dr. S. Ardis Abbott (VHS 1/2013)

Municipal Historian Dr. Abbott outlines the history of the house nominated as a Local Historic Property.

When Baseball Greats Played for Rockville by Jean Luddy   (VHS 9/2012)

In the early 20th century, several major league players played for local mill teams in between regular season games

Brought together by a Quilt: a Civil War Romance by Jean Luddy  (VHS 3/2012)

When Lissie Corbin and other women from Vernon Center made quilts to send to Union soldiers, she had no idea it would change her life.

William Horowitz and Vernon's First Public Pool by Jean Luddy  (VHS 9/2011)

Local businessman William Horowitz's bequest to the City of Rockville for a swimming pool led to the installation of the pool in Henry Park in 1953.

The Portraits on the Library Walls by Jean Luddy  (VHS 5/2011)

The article provides biographical sketches of the people whose portraits line the walls in the main reading room of the Rockville Public Library.

Moving Day: a Forgotten Tradition by Jean Luddy   (VHS 3/2011)

In 1878, a student at Rockville High School wrote about "Moving Day" in town. Her essay is included in the article about this former social custom.

The Other Villes: Mill Villages in Vernon by Jean Luddy   (VHS 1/2010)

An overview of the origins of several mill villages that once existed in town with mention of Vernon's early industrial innovators.

John Brown and George Kellogg by Jean Luddy  (VHS 5/2009)

John Brown is well known for his work as an abolitionist, but for part of his life he was employed by local mill owner as a wool buyer. Some of Brown's letters to Kellogg survived in the Society's archives.

Henry Vanness: Conductor on the Rockville Line  by Jean Luddy (VHS 1/2009)

One of the few African American railroad conductors, Henry Vanness worked for the railroad company serving Rockville and Vernon and was well respected by citizens and railroad employees.

History of the Vernon Fire House Company by Norman N. Strong  (VHS 3/2008 & 6/2008)

Founding member Norman Strong wrote about the establishment of a fire department in rural Vernon in the early 20th century and described the equipment and facilities.

Old North Burial Ground - Vernon, CT 
Pamphlet with names and dates of people buried in the Old North Burial Ground on Bamforth Road.

William C. Hammond  by Jean Luddy (VHS 5/2007)

William Hammond, an early 20th century organist of note, got his musical start in a local marching band in Rockville.

Tragedy in Vernon by Jean Luddy  (VHS 9/2006)

A double murder in rural Vernon shocked local residents. Reporters from the local paper covered the event, the subsequent trial and the execution of the murderer.

RHS by Jean Luddy  (VHS 1/2006)

In 1877, students from Rockville High School wrote an article about the history of education in Rockville from the early years of the village’s settlement to their time.

Interview with Mrs. Mary Brigham by Rev. George S. Brookes  (VHS 9/2005)

In 1934 Rev. Brookes of Union Congregational Church talked with long-time resident Mary Brigham as she neared her 100th birthday.

"Last Full Measure of Devotion" : Vernon’s Sacrifices in the Civil War by Jean Luddy (VHS 5/2005)

Brief regimental history of the 14th Connecticut Regiment from Rockville/Vernon with significant battles and statistics.

A Vernon Center childhood by Jean Kanter Klothe  (VHS 3/2005)

Jean Klothe’s recollections of life on her family farm during the early 20th  century.