Mills, Towns and Farms

A Vernon Center childhood by Jean Klothe  (VHS 3/2005)

Jean Kanter Klothe’s recollections of life on her family farm during the early 20 century.

Rockville's Germans 1860-1960 by Dr. S. Ardis Abbott (VHS 9/2007)

A vibrant German community in Rockville originated from skilled immigrants who came to work in the mills and left their mark on the city.

A Field Guide to the Rockville Mills by Jean Luddy (VHS 1/2008)

Notes for a walking tour of the mills along the Hockanum River in Rockville are accompanied by a map showing the names and dates for the companies that occupied the buildings.

History of the Vernon Grange by Geraldine Strong   (VHS 1/2010 & 3/2010)

Grange Historian Geraldine Strong chronicles the establishment of the Grange in Vernon and its role as a social organization for farmers and their families.

The Other Villes: Mill Villages in Vernon by Jean Luddy   (VHS 1/2010)

An overview of the origins of several mill villages that once existed in town with mention of Vernon's early industrial innovators.

Vanished Market Street by Hazel Lutz  (VHS 1/2012)

Native resident Hazel Lutz described the businesses on Market Street in the early 20th century. Market Street was eliminated during urban renewal in the 1960s.

When Baseball Greats Played for Rockville by Jean Luddy   (VHS 9/2012)

In the early 20th century, several major league players played for local mill teams in between regular season games.

The Agent's House at 7 Orchard Street, Rockville by Dr. S. Ardis Abbott  (VHS 1/2013)

Municipal Historian Dr. Abbott outlines the history of the house nominated as a Local Historic Property.

History- Gunther Barn and Property by Harriet Gunther  (VHS 7/2013)

Harriet Gunther discusses life on the Gunther farm on Route 30 in the early 20th century and describes several barns that have stood on the property.

Coal, the Once (and Future?) Fuel by Jean Luddy (VHS 2/2014)

Coal once provided heat for homes and energy for cooking. Working with this dusty and dirty fuel was a common part of early 20th century life.

Matters "Telephonic": The Early Telephone System in Rockville and Vernon by Jean Luddy (VHS 10/2014)

Telephone service came to Rockville in 1881 and had expanded to business and residential subscribers in town by the end of the 19th century.

Telephone Service in Vernon and Rockville in the early 20th century by Jean Luddy (VHS 2 /2015)

Common in Rockville, telephone service expanded out into rural Vernon. Private lines replaced party line by the middle of the 20th century.

Traces of Vernon's Earliest Inhabitants by Jean Luddy (VHS 2/2016)

A collection of arrowheads at the Museum are a reminder of the local Native Americans who used to live near Snipsic Lake and farm in the flatlands in the area.

Hay- Reminder of the Past: Symbol of the Future by Jean Luddy (VHS 8/2016)

Still done on a limited basis, haying represents a link to Vernon’s family farms of the past. The article describes the process of growing and harvesting hay which provided the farmer with a major source of food for livestock.

Albert Dart and his Remarkable Water Wheel by Jean Luddy (VHS 3/2017)

In the late 1860s, Albert Dart built three mills over the falls in Rockville that were powered by an innovative water wheel of his design.