Civic & Social Groups

A Historian Looks Back by Jean Luddy VHS 12/2016)

Municipal Historian and former Museum Director Dr. S. Ardis Abbott reflects on the accomplishments of the Society over her years of service.

A Journey of Remembrance: Rockville's Gold Star Mothers by Jean Luddy (VHS 11/2015)

In 1930 several Rockville Gold Star Mothers joined others in a government sponsored trip to France to see their sons’ final resting places in military cemeteries.

The VHS "Outdoor Museum" By Jean Luddy (VHS 8/2015)

This article is a guide to plants and objects around the VHS building that relate to local history or remember people active in the Society.

Remembering the Bicentennial Quilt made by Vernon Quilters by Jean Luddy (VHS 1/2013)

To commemorate the nation's Bicentennial in 1976, the Vernon Adult Education quilting class designed and created a quilt with scenes of local and historical landmarks.

Vanished Market Street by Hazel Lutz  (VHS 1/2012)

Hazel Lutz, a Rockville native, described the businesses on Market Street in the early 20th century. Market Street was eliminated during urban renewal in the 1960s.

William Horowitz and Vernon's First Public Pool  by Jean Luddy  (VHS 9/2011)

Local businessman William Horowitz's bequest to the City of Rockville for a swimming pool led to the installation in 1953 of the pool in Henry Park.

The Portraits on the Library Walls 5-2011 by Jean Luddy  (VHS 5/2011)

The article provides biographical sketches of the people whose portraits line the walls in the main reading room of the Rockville Public Library.

History of the Vernon Grange  by Geraldine Strong   (VHS 1/2010 & 3/2010)

Grange Historian Geraldine Strong chronicles the establishment of the Grange in Vernon and its role as a social organization for farmers and their families.

Putting People back to work: Government Funded Projects During the Great Depression Projects during the Great Depression  by Jean Luddy (9/2009)

Several Works Progress Administration projects, built during the Depression with government and local funds, are still enjoyed by citizens today.

History of the Vernon Fire House Company by Norman N. Strong  (VHS 3/2008 & 6/2008)

Founding member Norman Strong wrote about the establishment of a fire department in rural Vernon in the early 20th century and described the equipment and facilities.

Rockville's Germans 1860-1960 by Dr. S. Ardis Abbott (VHS 9/2007)

A vibrant German community in Rockville grew from skilled immigrants who came to work in the mills and who left their mark on the city.

Tragedy in Vernon by Jean Luddy  (VHS 9/2006)

A double murder in rural Vernon shocked local residents. Reporters from the local paper covered the event, the subsequent trial and the execution of the murderer.

The RHS: History of Early Schools in Rockville by Jean Luddy  (VHS 1/2006)

In 1877, students from Rockville High School wrote an article about the history of education in Rockville from the early years of the village’s settlement to their time.