World War II Letters from the Von Euw Collection

In 2007 the Society received an amazing gift from Ruth Von Euw whose father Stephen Von Euw had been the editor of the Rockville Journal from the 1930s until his death in 1955.  During World War II, Mr. Von Euw had made sure that every local serviceman and servicewomen received free copies of the newspaper wherever they were posted. Many sent letters or postcards thanking him for giving them a link to home. Some shared their experiences whether stateside or on the front lines. After the war, Mr. Von Euw packed away the letters. Miss Von Euw kept them safe before donating them in 2006.

Though the efforts of Carolyn Blouin and Jean Luddy, the letters, postcards and other communications were organized and cataloged. Laura Gardiner created a spreadsheet with all the names and the nature of the correspondence. Click on WWII  List  to view this list with over 700 names.

Please contact the Museum at 860-875-4326 or send an email to  or come by on a Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm to view the collection. The materials can also be viewed by appointment.